md Marketing believes it takes a specialist to do a specialized job such as medical marketing. Because of my unique experience & expertise, I understand the ins & outs of a medical practice of all sizes. I know how to develop relationships with other physicians.

md Marketing specializes in medical marketing, offering personalized service to help you build & strengthen your practice.

The prime secret of building your referrals is to focus on relationship building. Physician’s will refer with confidence when there is a strong & reliable relationship in place.

The process of building physician referrals is all about relationships, relationships, relationships.

It may surprise you that clinical competence, while essential, is not enough to differentiate, is not enough to differentiate you and earn you an ongoing source of referrals. Just like you, other professionals refer to people they like, trust, feel are competent and believe are successful.

“Like” is important, but “trust” is paramount. They want to be confident that the referral they make will be beneficial to their patients care, and reflect well on themselves.

md Marketing will help you grow and protect your doctor referrals.

Medicine today is a business, marketing is now more important than ever.